Keep Wisconsin Warm / Cool Fund

Make a Difference by Contributing

http://kwwf.org/sites/kwwf.org/assets/images/StockImages/Fotolia_1257453_M.jpgYou have the power to help those elderly, disabled neighbors as well as working families with young children in your community avoid life-threatening energy-related crisis situations including homelessness. In order to maximize the generosity of our donors, we are committed to limiting administrative costs to 5% or less so that your contribution goes directly to help those most in need. Whether you have ideas and suggestions, are interested in getting your company involved, or would like to contribute as an individual, we would like to encourage and extend our appreciation for your support. Remember, through a unique state matching fund, every donation provided is matched two to one through a challenge put to Wisconsinites in order to keep the HEAT and POWER on for those most vulnerable households. Your contribution is 100% tax deductible, and you can contribute online, by phone or via mail/fax. Give the gift of warmth today!