Husband, wife and son

husband, wife and son




Make a Difference by Contributing


90¢ of every $1 donated is used directly to help those in crisis 

You can help Veterans, elderly, and disabled neighbors, as well as working families with young children in your community by donating to the Keep Wisconsin Warm/Cool Fund. The organization works to give a majority of the money it brings in to those most in need by keeping its administration costs to 10 percent of its budget. In partnership with the State of Wisconsin, Division of Energy, Housing & Community Resources, your donation will be matched 2 to 1. Your donation is 100% tax-deductible.


Join our group of over 17,000 donors by contributing today using our secure payment processing system.


Please have your credit card ready and contact the Keep Wisconsin Warm/Cool Fund office at (608268-7066


1. Download a donation form

2. Mail or fax the completed form to:
Keep Wisconsin Warm/Cool Fund
P.O. Box 68
Madison, WI 53701-0068
Fax: (608) 264-6913


Give the gift of warmth today!