Husband, wife and son

husband, wife and son




The Keep Wisconsin Warm/Cool Fund hosts numerous events throughout Wisconsin communities to raise awareness and further support Wisconsinites in need of emergency energy-related assistance.


Since Governor Tommy Thompson, each subsequent Wisconsin governor has called upon a cross-section of Wisconsinites to give the gift of warmth by meeting a unique two for every one dollar matching challenge.

Along with the Governor’s special matching fund challenge, the KWW/CF has enjoyed national recognition for the success of its grassroots involvement in a number of annual fundraising activities. Enjoying over 17,000 contributors, the Fund is particularly proud that it has emerged as one of the state’s most successful homegrown charities of choice. Most importantly today, the Fund reaches out to those most vulnerable individuals and families in crisis and provides the critical survival safety net within every zip code throughout the state.

Now more than ever, KWW/CF is committed to broadening the numbers and types of events to ensure that no one faces the bitter cold or blistering heat alone.